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Peter Howe

24 March 2017

Principal of UWC Atlantic College

Peter Howe is the Principal of UWC Atlantic College, a post he undertook in March 2017 following 5 years as the Head of College of UWC Maastricht. Prior to his arrival in Maastricht, Peter was the Rettore at UWC Adriatic in Duino, Italy, where he moved with his family from Canada in 2005. Peter brings an eclectic background to his position. Following an undergraduate degree in Finance and Economics and two years working at Procter and Gamble in Canada, he returned to study graduate Art and Architectural History for 7 years before embarking on his high school teaching career. In his 12th year at a UWC, Peter remains as passionate as ever about the power and purpose of the UWC mission and model of education. While Peter has taught only Economics within UWC, he was drawn to the movement as a member of the IB curriculum development team for World Arts and Cultures, a school based syllabus course pioneered at UWC Adriatic and which he later brought to UWC Maastricht. Peter is a past recipient of Columbia University’s Klingenstein Research Fellowship for Independent and International School Heads, Stanford University’s Teacher Tribute Award and Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Fellowship, the country’s top federally funded fellowship.


“Working in education is a privilege, but UWC Atlantic College offers something truly unique. This exceptional place rightfully deserves to be seen as a beacon of the UWC movement. The College, its staff and students, embody all that our movement stands for. It’s a place of vision that looks beyond the classroom.”